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Welcome to the Friends School Plant Sale!

This website has detailed information about today's wristband groups. If you would like to receive a text message when your wristband group is called, or when wristbands are no longer required for the rest of the day, you can sign up here. (Messaging and data rates may apply.)

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Wristband Booth opens at 2:00 pm
Plant Sale opens at 2:30 pm
Plant Sale closes at 8:30 pm


Wristband Booth opens at 6:30 am
Plant Sale opens at 9:00 am
Plant Sale closes at 8:00 pm


Wristband Booth opens at 8:00 am
Plant Sale opens at 10:00 am
Plant Sale closes at 6:00 pm


Wristband Booth opens at 9:00 am
Plant Sale opens at 10:00 am
Plant Sale closes at 2:00 pm

Only volunteers are permitted to shop at the volunteer pre-sale on Thursday.

On Sunday, all remaining plants are one-third off (50% off for volunteers).

About our wristband system

The Plant Sale is incredibly popular — more people want to shop than the Grandstand can safely hold at once. We introduced our wristband system so that you don't have to stand in line the entire time before you shop.

Wristbands are distributed at the Wristband Booth, located in the Garden Fair (right next to the Fresh French Fries building, at the corner of Liggett Street and Carnes Avenue). If you're having trouble finding it, just ask any Plant Sale volunteer.

All adults entering the Plant Sale need their own wristband, and everyone must be present to receive theirs (so, if you have others in your party arriving after you or parking the car, they will receive their wristbands once they arrive). If you're an early bird arriving before the Wristband Booth opens, please do not save your place in line for others.

Once you have your wristband, you can explore the food and garden vendors located throughout the Garden Fair — or even leave the Fairgrounds and come back when it's your turn to shop. We make frequent announcements as we call each group, or you can sign up to get a text message when your group is called. (Messaging and data rates may apply.)

Same-day re-entry is allowed — just keep your wristband on!

Wristband system fun facts

  • The wristband system was first used in 2008.
  • Wristbands were originally only used on Friday and Sunday. In 2010, the system was expanded to cover every day of the sale.
  • The Plant Sale hands out over 10,000 wristbands a year!
  • The record for the earliest customer arrival is 3:34 AM, set in 2024.
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